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What are the Attractions of Santa Barbara, California

Located 100 miles away from Los Angeles, life in California is well reflected in Santa Barbara. It is a wonderful city blessed with awesome weather, sun, sand and its ocean side neighborhood. The geographical setting of this place provides great opportunities to the visitors to enjoy its beauty to a great extent. It is one of the leading tourist destinations in California. If Santa Barbara is compared to any Californian city, it can be compared to San Diego for its sandy beach, sunny weather and its attractions but it is less crowded than San Diego. The average income of the inhabitants here is little higher than many other cities in California. So life of California is little different there than many other places in CA. Visiting the beaches with its pristine look framed by the postcard quality palm trees, court house, mission, shopping experience and trying food in different restaurants reign supreme among the activities here. Its European style houses, restaurants of many countries attract tourists. The one mile stretch shopping attracts a lot of shoppers.

Visiting the courthouse is one of the major attractions there since it allows a visitor to have a fascinating view of the city and ocean.
Hiking can be an awesome experience. So does the walking tour.
Eagle paragliding, biking, vineyards tour, walking tour, shopping include some of the popular activities here.
There are plenty of hotels ranging from the luxurious one to the inexpensive ones so they are not heavy on your wallet. If you are little careful and grab the online hotel deals, accommodation won’t take a heavy toll on your light wallet.
Santa Barbara can be reached by air, bus, train etc.
Amtrack and Greyhound are available along with the local buses.