po Daily Tips & Answers: Why would You Grow Organic Vegetable in the Garden?
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Why would You Grow Organic Vegetable in the Garden?

Obesity is one of the major health hazards in USA. One of the reasons behind this problems is depending too much on fast food and consumption of red meat to a large amount is putting them at risk as well. We can grow fresh vegetables from our own garden and have a habit of taking vegetables.It does not just keep us away from too much consumption of fast food, it will help us in many ways. Here is why one should grow vegetables.

1. You can save a lot of money.

2. It involves self satisfaction.

3. Fresh vegetables are really good for your health as it contains a lot of vitamins and less calories.

4. It is good exercise to work in the garden.

5. Watching different channels does not often give you anything but doing garden well will give you a lot fresh vegetables and fruits.

6. You do not have to go to gym and spend money when you work in the garden.

7. You can help others by sharing some of your vegetables.

8. You can spend healthy time by working with your family members in your garden.

9. It is not healthy to stay home always and watch TV, on the other hand gardening is a healthy practice.

10. You will be content to see your successful vegetable garden.

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