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How to Make More Honest People

An honest person is a great asset  for the society and for the country. On the other hand a dishonest person can cause a great harm to the society and the country. An honest person with less education is better than a dishonest degree holders. A teacher has a lot to do to insert honesty in a student. Followings are few ways a teacher, a guardian or even a leader can follow.

1. Thank your students for every single honesty. Sentences like, "Thank you for your honesty". "I like your honesty".
2. Reward and excuse them for their honesty. For example if they admit that they made a mistake or it is his/ her fault, you can excuse him/ her from the consequence or punishment. Tell him/her your are excused for your honesty or you are punished less for your honesty.

3. Say the phrases like "honestly speaking" "Let me be honest" "He is an honest man". She is an honest lady" "You know people trust an honest person". "People do not trust a dishonest person sometimes when he speak the truth".
4. Not one day or few days, whenever you get a chance tell them that people believe a honest person. A dishonest or liar person's words are not often believed by others though he might be speaking the truth.
5. Telling the students with examples and on different occasions that if you speak the truth, people will trust you and it is a way to be trustworthy and Being honest and sincere will make you popular with the friends, relatives, neighbors and with parents as well.
All these practices are not for a day or first week or month after you read this passage. It is to practice for your whole life, for your whole profession, career - whenever you have a chance to deal with others.
Thank you for utilizing these and more tips in your life what you have just learnt from this passage and  for sharing with others.

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